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Blogging for Care

What's with all these blogs?  I read somewhere this week that back in January of this year, there were over 126 million blogs on the Internet.  Well, this week I know that there is at least one more!  Welcome to CareBLOG.

Why did CareTech start a blog section on our site?  For one thing, the Nurse Call Industry is growing and rapidly changing.  Right from personal health care monitoring, through nursing homes to hospitals, the advent of new digital technology has allowed better, more comprehensive monitoring solutions than ever before.  With Australia's aging population, this has become an important part in providing care, security and mobility to our older friends in the community.

I care for the web-based information technlogies used by CareTech in the Asia-Pacific region.  So you might occasionally read a blog here on the CareTech site from me, but you can read my regular blog here.  However, it's the guys in the research lab and in the field that deal with the really exciting developments, so they will try to blog here frequently to keep you abreast of the rapidly changing face of the nurse call system and health monitoring industry.  I hope you will enjoy what they have to share with you.



#1 mrn 2010-10-21 15:09
Hi All, thanks for the Blog site Rodney I'm sure we'll use it as the industry is changing rapidly. CareTech has moved with these times and our latest software LAS is proving to be a real hit with Nurse Call System connections and can now also monitor Medical Alarm phones including most protocols. I look forward to giving you all up to date information about the Nurse Call industry and the latest developments Medical Alarms and what technology is hot right now.

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