Bed & Floor Mat System

Our bed and floor mat adapter have an easily adjusted alarm delay time between 5 second and 15minutes. For use with CareTech bed/floor mat.


  • Adjustable alarm delay
  • 6.5mm socket using tip and ring or tip and sleeve
  • Can be used with most nurse call systems
  • 240v plug pack power supply included

Floor Mat

The CareTech floor mat is a soft touch, non-slip mat measuring 1200mm x 610mm.
When the resident places their foot on the Floor Mat, an alarm call will be generated as a result, informing the care staff.

  • Can be used with adapter or bed exit plate
  • 6.5mm mono plug
  • Non-slip
  • Water resistant
  • 2 mats can be used at once with the use of double adapter

Bed Mat

The CareTech bed mat is a pressure activated mat, placed under the resident’s mattress, it alerts staff when the resident leaves the bed.

  • Used with bed mat adapter for timing
  • Timer can be set for a set from 5 to 15 minutes
  • 6.5mm plug
  • 560mm x 390mm

Download our CareTech System Booklet

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