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CareTech services involve the application of business and technical expertise to enable health care service providers and aged care organizations in the creation, management and optimization of their operations, specifically in the areas of medical alarm solutions.

We leverage our speciality knowledge in Nurse Call Systems with development and production of hardware and software solutions. The expertise and knowledge of over 20 years’ experience allows us to access information and business processes. CareTech services can be specially segmented in the categories below.



We offer service maintenance contracts for hospitals, aged care facilities, nursing homes and hostels. How do we offer this as a manufacturer? We leverage our CareTech software and hardware solutions to provide a proactive monitoring solution that will communicate with all the specified assets onsite. We then simultaneously log, report and communicate any malfunction, if the problem cannot be fixed by a remote internet connection to the specific system, we will notify a pre-defined subcontractor, a trained professional who will then provide site attendance to resolve the issue.


24/7 System Support

The CareTech Team is on call ‘24-7-365’ and are available at any time, day or night, monitoring our systems. We will hold accountable your selected contractors for all your selected installed solutions seven days a week. The CareTech solution will deliver documented reports on all system outages, we understand that many Nurse Call, communications, and security contractors and are not specialists in the interconnection of your systems. CareTech will monitor, manage, and maintain these relationships for you inside the support agreements.


Electronic Nurse Calling audits

Aged care and health care facilities should regularly and routinely test their entire Nurse Call system. This is necessary to ensure that their liability is minimised should a problem occur on the system and a call go unanswered. CareTech not only ensures our customers can meet this requirement but also enhances their financial savings by offering efficiencies.


Consultancy & Accreditation

Once an organisation has defined its’ needs to progress to the next level, a decision maker will define the scope, cost and a time-frame of the project. The role of CareTech as a consultancy company is to support and nurture the customer from the inception of the project until completion. This ensures the project is delivered not only within the required scope, time and cost but also with complete customer satisfaction.


PCB Manufacture / Software Development

We have in-house design, electronic and software engineers who are available for custom manufacture of electronic systems to meet your special requirements. CareTech can take its existing modular systems both hardware and software and add or remove parts to increase or decrease functionality.


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