Why we make our own accessories ?

You’ve probably heard of OEM parts before. But, what exactly does this mean and why should you care? OEM stands for (Original Equipment Manufacturer). This means that the part you are purchasing is made specifically for your CareTech nurse call system. This is important because you want to be sure that the appropriate parts that are durable and high-quality so that your nurse call will not be damaged.

At CareTech we have taken great care in the design and manufacture of our accessories. The total experience of our solution is paramount from the push of the button the way it feels in your patient’s hands to the speed the alert is delivered. We welcome you to review our range below.

Four pendant products

Silicone Call Buttons

Our range of silicone call buttons are antibacterial, waterproof and can be used with a variety of nurse call systems.

Wandering Patient Alarm Button ‘Elvis’

Designed for the wandering patient our water resistant Elvis can be worn a variety of ways and is able to track and locate a distressed resident when they push their pendant; or locate staff in an emergency.

Radio Alarm ‘Erik’

Erik provides the resident with all the pendant features available on the market today.  Radio pendant with 5 year battery life, supplied with 4 different wearable options.

Gustav RFID Location Beacon with ELVIS Pendant

Gustav is an RFID beacon which displays position ID. The active field can be positioned to cover an exit door or the width of a small corridor. Each RFID beacon has a unique identity which excites the Elvis alarm transponder as it passes.


The CT-020-RX operates as a radio receiver and is required for use with the Erik and the Elvis.

Bed & Floor Mat System

Our bed and floor mat adapter have an easily adjusted alarm delay time between 5 second and 15minutes. For use with CareTech bed/floor mat.

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