Hospital Range

Unified System Reports, Escalation & Messaging, Monitor Existing and New systems and more—meet your business needs with CareTech’s Hospital Range.

Why Our Hospital Range?

Our hospital range is specifically designed for operators of residential aged care, independent living and community care organizations. The CareTech solution addresses all of your business needs in a two-staged approach:

  1. Unification of Current Sites Systems for Messaging and Reporting
  2. Scheduled Replacement of Legacy Nurse Call Systems, Implementation of RTLS

Unification of Current Sites Systems for Messaging and Reporting

Following is how this works:

  • The CareTech middleware is situated to monitor Nurse call, Fire, Phone, Security and other systems in all your current facilities regardless of the age / make / model or infrastructure
  • Each system is monitored in real-time and CareTech can provide a re-portable electronic asset audit of these
  • The real-time electronic audit reports provide accountability of all existing systems and offer advice on when to service, repair, or replace them
  • Once installed, CareTech remote access allows Facility Managers to see a unified view of Nurse Call alerts / escalations and maintain an organization standard and duty of care
  • Working with the organization’s operations department, CareTech defines operational roll-out processes such as ‘cleaning’ for each system to an aggregated online dashboard for administration review, comparisons nationally, as well as state by state and on site
  • Management reports are either available as RDP manual reports (PDF, Word, Excel etc.) or they are automated to PDF email format and emailed to staff at required intervals
  • The latest technology is interfaced as it become available since technology and scalability is paramount to CareTech.
  • Using the CareTech middleware as the reporting and escalation system ensures technology changes will never interrupt the reporting or data collection or company wide data analysis

Scheduled Replacement of Legacy Nurse Call Systems, Implementation of RTLS

  • The technology is owned and operated by the same Australian company that owns and operates RTM
  • CareTech is owned, operated and manufactured in Brisbane, Australia with manufacturing plant and warehouse carrying about $750,000 at any time. Both Facilities are available for inspections.
  • CareTech is ideally placed to provide your facility with the latest in IP technology through the CareTech IP Nurse Call & RTLS System as the integration between these two systems is seamless
  • Manufactured in Queensland, CareTech IP & RTLS nurse call system allow the real-time monitoring of each device on the network while tracking both Resident and staff in each facility
  • Both inbuilt Dementia and workforce tracking allow reporting on Time of Care Given (TOC) for the resident, for the staff time spent in providing care in care zones and for zones not providing care.
  • Being a true IP solution, the system is scalable using IP, Wi-Fi, Radio, RS485 technology infrastructure
  • The system will work over all mediums and can be retro fitted into existing infrastructure
  • The system is designed to lower total cost of ownership while leveraging either existing or new technology infrastructure

Asset Tag

The CareTech Nurse Call System provides an inbuilt solution for managing your facility's movable assets, without the need for additional licensing costs.

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Proven Real-Time Location System for Healthcare, CareTech RTLS Improves the Experience Between the Patient and Caregiver.
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IP System

Affordable and Easily Upgradeable, CareTech IP Nurse Call System Increases Patient Comfort While Optimizing Internal Communication Flow.

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