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The CareTech software development ideology has been “to pursue the development of information systems in a very deliberate, structured and methodical way”. CareTech has required each stage of their software life cycle from the inception of the idea, to the delivery of the final system to be carried out rigidly and sequentially within the context of the framework being applied. The main target of this methodology framework is “to develop large scale functional nurse call systems”.

CareTech’s methodologies, processes, and frameworks range from specific prescriptive steps that can be used directly by our organization in day-to-day work, to flexible modular frameworks that our organization uses to generate a custom set of steps tailored to the needs of a specific project we are engaged in at that time. In some cases, a “sponsor partner” or “customer organization” distributes an official set of documents (specification) that describe the process.

Specific framework modules we have developed include:


Remote Administration

CareTech software allows remote administration. This has become paramount. Remote administration can be used when the timing of the financial cost to be physically near the CareTech system cannot be warranted in order to use it. The CareTech 5700 software has been designed to be our remote administration and configuration tool. This allows service agents and contractors to locally or remotely administer the nurse call system. We can now even push new firmware out to IP Nurse Call points to automatically update the call points’ functionality. The the 5700 will also assist RTM software solutions in automatic audits of each electronic asset.


Mobile Messaging

Many facilities today face the same challenge. Everyone agrees that quality and speed of patient and resident care are vital. Mobility of staff is on the rise and efficiencies at most healthcare facilities need to be improved. Allowing mobility and staff to receive messages on system while performing their daily tasks is the main objective of mobile messaging, CareTech looks to its’ technology partner RTM for these solutions.



RTM Middleware Reporting Server collects and stores data on the thousands of events that occur throughout facilities every day. These events include fire alarms, security notifications, nurse call requests, door alarms, building management notifications, and many more. Reports can be generated on all of the alarms.

Different technologies communicating and the independent administration of Nurse Call, security, building management, DECT phone and other electronic asset systems is fast becoming the IT teams limiting factor in organizations today. RTM takes this requirement and accountability from the IT team and bundles this into a single sign-on online web-based event alerting system. RTM uses organization-based rules to allow selected individual contractors to receive direct communication on service, and outage-based events. This reduces the overall workload placed on the organizational IT team.


Client Database

CareTech supplies all of its software application on SQL express. Microsoft SQL Server Express is a version of Microsoft’s SQL Server relational database management system that is free to download, distribute and use. It comprises a database specifically targeted for embedded and smaller-scale applications.

Administration of data is then made easy as RTM translates any system into a single data centre database allowing the organisation to query in any format that may be required. RTM provides standard reports and dashboards for the organization. As technology changes RTM maintains continuity of data by aggregating this new technology into its’ systems, allowing the organisations the ability to move freely between technology suppliers.



5700 – Remote administration Software for CareTech Nurse Call system.

RTM Solutions Software – An electronic asset monitoring tool to monitor a set electronic device deployed in the customer infrastructure and report events to the RTM online monitor.

RTM Online – Cloud based solution to receive alerts from systems and then log forward and assign accountability to each event.

RTM Dashboard – Cloud based hosted solution either in the client’s data centre or in the Microsoft Azure data centre. Created to filter nurse call alarms from all alarms’ data and allows a secure client defined login portal to review statistical data on the client’s performance with individual and site by site comparisons of installed electronic systems including nurse call, mobile messaging, and fire alarms etc.


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