Our Software

The CareTech software development ideology has been “to pursue the development of information systems in a very deliberate, structured and methodical way”. CareTech has required each stage of their software life cycle from the inception of the idea, to the delivery of the final system to be carried out rigidly and sequentially within the context of the framework being applied. The main target of this methodology framework is “to develop large scale functional nurse call systems”.

CareTech’s methodologies, processes, and frameworks range from specific prescriptive steps that can be used directly by our organization in day-to-day work, to flexible modular frameworks that our organization uses to generate a custom set of steps tailored to the needs of a specific project we are engaged in at that time. In some cases, a “sponsor partner” or “customer organization” distributes an official set of documents (specification) that describe the process.

Specific framework modules we have developed include: