NDIS Solutions

Harnessing innovative technologies, CareTech offers a wide array of cutting-edge nurse call system solutions. These systems are meticulously designed to meet the unique requirements of smaller healthcare facilities and homebased residential care settings that follow NDIS SDA guidelines.

Our products and services are function over broad range of facility types

  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Special Needs Housing
  • Educational Institutions under NDIS
  • Residential Care Settings

Our systems are wireless and wired for your convenience, ready to implement with a minimal setup process. These solutions are flexible, allowing for easy incorporation of extra components as your needs evolve.

Leverage Our Experience

Leverage our four decades of industry experience with CareTech’s advanced reporting systems powered by RTM Solutions. We guide you in selecting the perfect solution for your unique needs, be it a long-range radio solution or an IP hardwired alternative.

Economical Wireless Solutions

Installation of a hardwired emergency call system can be expensive due to cabling, especially in pre-existing structures. Our wireless solutions offer an economical alternative, suitable for systems with call-points ranging from a handful to several hundreds. A simple base is plugged in with signal repeaters that just plug into conventional power points to extend the range.

Advanced System Requirements

For advanced requirements, we provide a computer-controlled system that delivers a plethora of additional functionalities. It allows for the connection of fully-equipped call-points and supports a vast array of devices for both system input and output requirements.

Compact and Economical IP-Based System

Even though our IP-based system is compact and economical, it doesn’t compromise on the scope of functionalities it offers. When you don’t require a hardwired system with complex computer control, extensive reporting, or wide display facilities, our solutions present a highly cost-effective alternative.

Duty-of-Care and Due Diligence

At CareTech, we understand that the principles of duty-of-care and due diligence are inseparable. Our disability accommodation system designs ensure efficient communication at all times, keeping the safety and welfare of residents at the forefront, even when the caregiver is away from the care center.

Additional Services

In addition to the above, CareTech offers:

  • Conventional and Wireless Nurse Call Systems
  • Solutions for Independent Living Units in Retirement Villages
  • Affordable Nurse Call Solutions for Small-scale Clinics and Facilities
  • Duress and Emergency Call Solutions for Public and Commercial Buildings
  • Real-Time Location Systems
  • Comprehensive Monitoring Software and Integration Services
  • Asset Management software solutions

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