Electronic Nurse Calling Audits

Aged care and health care facilities should regularly and routinely test their entire Nurse Call system. This is necessary to ensure that their liability is minimised should a problem occur on the system and a call go unanswered. CareTech not only ensures our customers can meet this requirement but also enhances their financial savings by offering efficiencies.

How do we achieve this for you?

The CareTech system logs every physical customer call on the Nurse Call system, and then creates a report that is automatically sent to call management staff and/or contractors at regular periods.
This report shows what alarms have occurred in which locations over that period. We can then generate a report to show which locations have not been activated. By sending a ping test to all locations, CareTech allows the Nurse Call system to understand that all the equipment can communicate. The final check is the physical test of the remaining locations that have not been activated over that period, a report is then sent to the contractor or internal maintenance staff to complete the final audit section.
Systems are now checked with regular frequency and at lower cost to our customers.
With such a saving on both resources and finances, system tests and accreditation reviews can be regularly arranged at agreed time periods – e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually.


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